Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cooking With Thyme

Thyme is one of my favorite herbs, I am able to grow it year round right outside the kitchen door. The only aspect about this wonderful herb I don't particularly care for is picking the tiny leaves off the tiny stems. At the restaurant they use it in such a large quantity, my husband has a simple solution to deal with this time consuming task. (He gets Thyme in 5 lb. bags from the produce purveyor...can you imagine picking 5 lb.'s of Thyme? I can not!) The solution is to freeze it for a at least a few hours, then place the thyme over a piece of parchment to catch all the leaves, shake the stems about and the little leaves just come right off- Genius! You can then store them back in the freezer or the refrigerator in a plastic bag. That's my kitchen tip for the day, I hope it comes in useful!

This is my Mezzaluna knife, I use it when chopping a lot of herbs. Jack helps out with the chopping and with this knife I don't have to worry about his little fingers getting in the way, (they're on the handles)!


  1. I love the thyme tip, I can't wait to try it. I have thought about buying a mezzaluna, but now I think I will just go get one! Great blog, I'll be checking back in!

  2. I bought a mezzaluna recently because I loved the way it looked. Now I am finding that it works great too.

    Thanks for the thyme tip! I wish I had known it when I was baking Thyme, Hazelnut and Lemon cookies last month.

    Also, I love the look of your blog. Fresh and pretty with great photos. It is positively inspiring!

  3. I do so love thyme, it's one of my favorite herbs. Fortunately, I'm also able to grow it easily. I have a community garden plot and the thyme grows with vigor, year round, next to a flat leaf parsley plant that has become so large, it's actually a shrub... but still has tender delicious leaves. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I love thyme too. This is a neat idea - I'll try it!


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