Sunday, September 30, 2007


A little about myself...
My name is Katia and the first thing that comes to mind is, I love food! Almost as far back as I can remember I was cooking. My first creations were certainly not my tastiest, at six years old my cookies were referred to as 'rocks' but, that did not slow me down-- it just made me perfect them. After making lots and lots of little cakes in my Easy Bake oven I decided I liked the big oven better and moved on. I then proceeded to make every dish in the children's cookbook...until I got every single thing RIGHT!

While I was always interested in cooking, I studied art in school. I then started a gift basket company in college which evolved into a gourmet food shop and tea room, then a full restaurant and catering operation called The Silver Spoon. After 15 years I sold the restaurant, and in 2010 I opened a boutique catering shop, Gourmet Girls. My hope is to share my passion for all things food-related through this blog--
recipes, new cookbooks, entertaining, kitchen tools, ideas and inspirations. For more information about my new venture go to or email me at gourmetgirlsbr at


  1. Hello Katia! I stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did because I found some recipes that I would like to make, especially the pecan tart pie . . . just in time for the holidays. Thank you for sharing and I'll visit your site often. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Katia! I recently stumbled on your blog and LOVE it. I am from Louisiana, and went to LSU for two years before transfering to a school in California. I love your mix of classic recipes along with some good old Southern favorites! My boyfriend is at LSU law, and I definitely want to drag him to your restaurant next time I'm home. I was wondering...what sites do you go to regularly to find recipes? Do you have any favorite cookbooks? Blogs? My friends from LSU and I (we're scattered across the country now) were thinking about starting a cooking blog together and I was wondering if you had any tips. Thanks and keep posting great recipes!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for the kind words. As for the restaurant, I sold it in July, will soon start a new project and will post about it when it's up and going. So check again soon.
    Starting a cooking blog with your friends sounds like a great idea, I found Blogger simple to use and user friendly. Some of my favorite cookbooks are the barefoot contessa books, Marcella Cucina, and The Joy of cooking. I also like Food and Wine's yearly cookbooks, I have found manny great recipes in them.
    Good luck with the blog, I have found joy in sharing my recipes and thoughts on food.

  4. Hi Katia!

    I found your blog by chance when looking for a cucumber sandwich recipe, but after exploring the website ALL your recipes sound absolutely divine! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes, your experience and experiments, and your wealth of information. Your website is absolutely beautiful, and the pictures are so soft and lovely. I will definitely be keeping up with your blogs, and am excited to try (and share) all your recipes. Your website is now a new favorite. Thank you again so much!


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