Monday, September 26, 2011

Heirloom Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Salad

Too pretty to not share... This is what's going on at work.
I've been using champagne vinegar and a pear infused white balsamic.
Basil is always great with this salad, but so is mint and oregano- even all three together. Ricotta salata is a great alternative for the mozzarella, or even a pepper crusted chevre.
Use a good quality olive oil and coarse sea salt and pepper. Squeezing out the last little bit of summer... I LOVE it! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lemon Currant Scones

I made currant scones and lemon curd for a baby shower this past weekend.  Making scones and finger sandwiches reminded me of my tea room days.  About 20 years ago, my former restaurant, The Silver Spoon started out as a gift basket shop with a tea room.  I miss afternoon tea, the ritual of it and the dainty delicate food.  My tea used to consist of three courses, sandwiches and savories, the scone course which consisted of a scone, tea bread, jam and lemon curd and pastries and chocolate for dessert.  Afternoon tea food is perfect for baby and bridal showers.  If you are looking for ideas for this type of menu, click over to Facebook under Gourmet Girls- there are a lot of recent shower photos there (there is a link to Facebook in the side bar). Scones were always my favorite, you can find the recipe for these under currant scones in the index.  They come together quickly and are a great addition to a baby or bridal shower menu.  When I have an early morning event to prepare for, I prepare as much as I can the day before with dishes that either are enhanced by being made ahead or which can be partially made.  I made the scone dough and cut out the shapes on Saturday, wrapped and refrigerated them and then brushed them with cream and baked them about an hour before the party on Sunday.  Planning party menus in this way always makes entertaining more enjoyable and stress free.

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