Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Looking for Caramel Cake Recipe

I have been looking for a good caramel icing recipe for some time.  I purchased a cookbook about Southern cakes, I think caramel cake is the ultimate South Louisiana cake.  Well, I made the cake and it was an utter disaster, turns out the Southern book warns the cake should not be made on a humid day?? Umm... Southern Cakes? Southern weather- did they forget?  Clearly.  Quite a sticky mess, the recipe did not work- go figure in 90% humidity almost year-round.  I continued my search as this particular was cake to be made only in the dessert. I gave up for a while until recently when someone brought it up over morning coffee and oh no,  the obsession begun all over again.

 I ran across a woman who had the recipe of the specific cake I used buy and LOVE- she had  received it as a wedding gift.  I asked for it, I am pretty generous with my recipes so I was hopeful. She could not share she explained since the lady that gave it to her asked her not to. OK- understood, I get it- she received it as a gift and was told not to share it,  I completely respect that. So the search continues...I am a bit more obsessed with it at this point, but I think my OCD has long since been established so I'm not making excuses.

 This time around, instead of posting a recipe I am actually asking for one. Specifically what I am looking for is a nice caramel icing made with brown sugar, cream, and butter.  I think it usually is brought to soft ball stage then stirred until somewhat set in order to ice the cake.  I have a great yellow cake recipe- just need the icing.  So if anyone has the recipe proportions I would be elated to have them. Oh, almost forgot- the cake I'm looking for is a two layer cake, not like the caramel cake I have in the index.   Possibly found in an old Southern cookbook or in grandmas recipe box.  Also, don't waste time on google- done that to no avail already. There is a link to my email in my profile, or maybe someone will be gracious enough to leave it in the comments.

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