Tuesday, October 9, 2007

In the meantime...

I know it's hard to tell, but I have been working on the blog. I have a couple of posts ready to go, but my sweet friend-- the photographer has been feeling sort of ick...so we wait. On the bright side though, she solved my header problem and now I have a nice new photo. I can't wait 'til later this week and we take some photos of some new recipes...I have a lot of cooking to do! Until then, this is her blog:

October 14, 2007
All right, I am finally on my way. Yesterday Jayme (the photographer) and Ruby (her angelic baby girl) came over to the restaurant and shot some great photos. The first is the crab cake recipe, which I posted last night. Once it was up though...I really didn't like how everything looked, something was off. So, the header photo came down and the crab cake remained, all of it together was a little busy for my taste. Back to work on the header, which to be honest I sort of suspected, but because I liked it so much I had to give it a try. So...one step forward--two steps back! But, at least I'm having lots of fun, which after all is the reason for all this!

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