Thursday, January 24, 2008

Being sick is no fun!

This is my other baby, Max...and this is what he has been doing since Monday afternoon. Staring at me with big sweet brown eyes. I have been feeling poorly and confined to my bed with a major upper-respiratory infection. He has been watching over me, not leaving my side, not asking to go outside, just being over all- sweet and cuddly. And of course- taking advantage of the fact I am allowing him to stay on the bed!

This also explains the lack of posts this week, but I have been on the computer pretty much non-stop so I am inspired and ready to make up for it as soon as I feel well. Which I hope is soon as I have a catering this weekend and feeling ick not conducive to great beautiful food!


  1. Hi Katia
    Feel better soon!
    Max is a beauty!

  2. Thank you Sarah, I'm sure in a day or so I'll be fine. And yes, Max is a cutie pie, all 98 lb's of him! (the problem with him is- he has no clue he is a dog!)

  3. Hi Katia,

    He sure is beautiful . . . and he looks so well behaved . . i hope you feel well soon

  4. Thank you Laura.
    As for the well behaved part, He is a toy eating couch potato who runs away every chance he gets, well behaved he is -NOT!

  5. That beautiful dog Katia, which look sweeter .... if I could give him a kiss huge, I love animals



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