Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gourmet Girls King Cake Cupcakes

I have a new invention.... and we are very excited!  When I was making king cakes on Monday I had some extra dough, and never for a second did I think what has happened over the course of the last 4 days would.  Instead of throwing out the extra dough, as I typically would, I placed it in a jumbo muffin pan, baked and iced it like a king cake and soon had our king cake cupcake.  I posted it on the Gourmet Girls facebook page and voila, our King Cake cupcakes went viral.  I have to say I post a lot of food on facebook, and seldom does something get this much attention.  Since Tuesday we have had to shift our baking from traditional king cakes to king cake cupcakes.  We are having so much fun making them and can barely keep up. They are the perfect solution for those of us who will eat a whole king cake just because it's there, and it looks good and it tastes divine.... now you can have your own individual little portion! :)

We start shipping early next week, email us for more information at

This is our blackboard, when it's out we have king cakes and cupcakes ready for pick up. Stop by!


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